Landmark Agreement

Landmark Agreement

On 22 April 2008, Brands Hatch signed an innovative agreement with Sevenoaks District Council to introduce a Noise Management Plan aimed at minimising disturbance to nearby residents.

The plan itself is a voluntary agreement drawn up by MotorSport Vision Ltd and the Council.  It incorporates proposals from nearby residents groups and best practice to minimising noise disturbance resulting from the circuit's day-to-day activities.

The agreement sets out days and times of operation, actions to mitigate unnecessary noise, noise limits and noise monitoring, best practice for tannoy use and ensuring that aircraft landing or taking off at the circuit avoid flying over West Kingsdown village (except in an emergency).  MotorSport Vision has also set up a dedicated noise telephone hotline and email address, which has been published in the local community.

Whilst motor racing will inevitably create some noise, Brands Hatch is eager to ensure that there is minimum disturbance to local residents while maintaining the venue's commercial viability.

MotorSport Vision values highly the excellent relationship with the local community and is happy to have finalised a very detailed Noise Management Plan that will not only ensure noise from Brands Hatch does not increase, but progressively decrease in future.

A copy for the Noise Management Plan can be found on the Brands Hatch residents' website (click here).  

Noise Management Hotline Number: 01474 875227 

Noise Management Email Address: [email protected]